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Flexible Working

As an employer, you need to be conscious that the statutory right to request flexible working is available to plenty of your staff, and if you receive such a request, employment laws require you to consider this request seriously & within prescribed timescales.

Employment Law Clinic provides advice on requirements you need to deal with, and we can also advise you on decisions you need to take.
Flexible Working Parent, using a phone & laptop while holding a child

A call to us – 020 3397 2979could save your business the expense of an employment tribunal claim.

What We Can Do for Employers:

  • draft your response to an application;
  • take care of the legal stuff, writing all correspondence so that it complies with the laws & protects your business from losing an employment tribunal claim;

If you have received an application for flexible working, you cannot ignore this. You need to reply within prescribed time-scales, and there are only certain grounds on which employers can refuse a request for flexible working.

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