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April – Busy Month for Employment Law

April sees plenty of changes to employment law for small employers

Among the headlines are:

  • a moratorium exempting micro and start-up businesses from new domestic regulation for three years from 1 April 2011;
  • in their Plan for Growth, the Government announced (at page 53) that it will “consult to remove the unworkable requirement in the Equality Act for businesses to take reasonable steps to prevent persistent harassment of their staff by third parties”;
  • paternity rules are changing from 3 April, allowing fathers to take six months off work during their baby’s first year;
  • the default retirement age is phased out from 6 April – employers cannot use retirement as a reason for dismissal, unless this can be justified;

Plenty of things to keep employers & Employment Law Clinic busy, and we’ll certainly update the site when more details become available & these issues develop.